Diary of an Erasmus student

My father said: Travel with some good books and I’ll buy you good insurance for study abroad. We don’t want any scares!”

It is customary for students to travel abroad during their final years taking advantage of programs such as Erasmus, Leonardo or other exchanges. But an accident, an illness, an injury to a third party, an unforeseen family event when you are away from home can be very expensive.

“Better than bread”

Say goodbye to laziness, change your programming and, with strong will, you will get the results you are looking for: getting stronger than an ox.

And if we talk about insurance for your gym…

#Electric scooter users will be under greater surveillance soon in Spain. There is no specific date, but it is a matter of time until the mandatory #insurance for all users of this type of personal transporter becomes mandatory. Ask us, so you can drive and be #protected.