How to neutralise the virus while relaxing in the pool

Is your swimming pool properly insured? It belongs to you and the rest of the home-owners and you are all jointly responsible for the consequences if a person suffers loss or damage and claims compensation. You also have to bear the cost of repairing damage by vandals, leakages, weather-related damage or harm to property or persons attributable to employees, among other responsibilities.

Because they are marvellous people: #InsuranceWithHealthcarePersonnel

. In the middle of the pandemic “thousands of men and women did not hesitate for a moment to join the fight at the front line and give their best when the going was the toughest”. The insurance sector would like to help by creating a free fund endowed with thirty-eight million euros (€ 38,000,000) to protect the 700,000 trained experts who have been looking after us.


A cyberattack may ruin your company, regardless of its size. Did you know that a recovery from a cyberattack may cost you an average of €70,000? It is increasingly necessary to have a solid contingency plan to back you up. We can help you!