Who pays: homeowner’s association insurance or home insurance?

Home insurance protects your private home (apartment, duplex, chalet, and semi-detached house) in its usual use, second residence or rental. It is not mandatory, but totally recommended.

Homeowner’s insurance covers the common areas and assets of a group of neighbours. It is only mandatory in some Autonomous Communities such as Madrid or Valencia.

Both are complementary and not replacement insurance, each covering specific risks.


Another return to the sun, another return to school, and better to go back safely and with insurance

It is time to look for good health insurance. It is complementary to Public Health. In addition to having national coverage, it’s possible to have international coverage.



Yes, insurance policies now also include COVID Coverage for Travel and Short Trips. But beware! Make sure you check conditions thoroughly. We’ll find the best policy for you, so you may turn the “airplane mode” on and travel with peace of mind.