The Silent Player in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

This summer, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games promise intense emotions. Over 350 Spanish athletes, along with their support teams, will travel to the French capital to compete in their disciplines. Spain will debut in surfing and women’s football, adding new excitement to this edition.

The Olympic Games are not only a sports spectacle but also a complex logistical challenge. Organizing an event of this magnitude requires meticulous planning, where insurance plays a crucial, albeit discreet, role. Insuring thousands of athletes and their teams involves coverage that goes beyond sports injuries. We’re talking about insurance that covers everything from event cancellations to major disruptions, including civil liabilities and travel assistance.

Did you know that FIFA reserved 134 million dollars just to insure the teams whose players got injured in the last World Cup? In the Olympic Games, the figures and coverages are equally impressive. Everything, from the infrastructure to the athletes themselves, is covered. The legs of a football striker can be insured for almost 22 million euros, a figure that illustrates the importance of these coverages.

Apart from athlete safety, the Olympic Games also attract thousands of fans from around the world. These events generate significant people movement, bringing with it the need for travel insurance. Imagine traveling to Paris to cheer for your team and, unfortunately, having an accident or illness that requires medical assistance. Travel insurance can save you many headaches and unexpected expenses. For example, an appendicitis operation in France can cost €4,090, and one day of hospitalization €781; if you multiply by 10 days, you get a total of €11,900 in medical bills, not counting family travel expenses if needed to accompany or bring the injured person back.

The organization of the Olympic Games also faces significant risks, from natural disasters to cyberattacks. For Paris 2024, it is expected to face eight to twelve times the number of hacking attempts seen in Tokyo 2021, highlighting the importance of strong cybersecurity coverage.

Insurance is the most economical system to stay protected in any circumstance, as the insurer will pay on your behalf to third parties or to yourself to resolve any damage. But you need to contract good insurance, or you will only have paper. Consult us!