Would you buy a mobile phone for € 1000 and not insure it?

In Spain, we spend 6 hours and 11 minutes on average daily connected to the internet and most of it is by mobile phone. And we live in a digital age in which there are network connections for personal reasons and leisure time. For studying and of course working. These are essential in our daily life.

And how do we get online? Well, we use computers at work. But what do we use at home? Laptops, tablets and especially, smartphones. We buy expensive mobile phones (generally costing more than the minimum wage of € 950) and we usually only worry about insuring them through a simple case.

88% of accidents affect the smartphone’s screen and frame (the rest are headphones, chargers and water damage). How much would the repair cost you? The average cost of repairs to your device may reach € 86.55. This does not count the time you will be without a phone, which today is a device that we cannot afford to be without. Applications to sign in at work, client contacts, calls from the hospital, our bank statements, or why not, receiving a call where you are being offered a position you have been preparing for forever. We cannot afford to be offline, especially after having spent more than a year and a half interacting with our loved ones only through our mobile phones.

Let insurance handle your mobile phone

Should I take out phone insurance? Definitely. There are specific insurance plans for mobile devices that will offer compensation for loss, theft, unauthorised calls, accidental damage, and loss of accessories. Damage resulting from neglect is excludedAnd there is also home insurance with specific guarantees for protecting electronic equipment in general.

Our job: find the policy with the most interesting conditions for your phone.