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“It was pretty stupid. I had to eat with only my left hand”

Enrique Iglesias was performing at a concert in Mexico when he grabbed a drone with his hand while it was recording images on-stage. The propellers cut two fingers, requiring surgery.

“I broke my bone and I have no sensation in the tip of my middle finger. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about this, but I couldn’t even do things as basic as going to the bathroom and washing myself.

Drones have dropped into our lives and are here to stay. We use them for work and fun. They aren’t toys. Those who know about them tell us to fly them during the day (for visibility), under proper weather conditions (otherwise they could destabilize), keeping them within sight and away from prohibited areas (crowded places, airports, military bases).

To do work with a drone in Spain you must be registered with AESA (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea), become a drone pilot, obtain a medical certificate and take out insurance.

The secrets of drone insurance

They include Civil Liability that compensates material and personal damages that the device may cause to third parties. Some insurers add drone damage and use.

Be careful! Your policy will only cover:

  • Legal flights (does not cover negligence).
  • It is personal; it goes under each user’s name. A person can have only one insurance plan and handle several drones. Several people who use the same drone must each have insurance.

Drones for domestic use are not required to have insurance but taking it out is common sense and gives us peace of mind.