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We were in a 30-car pile-up due to a hailstorm, will the Consorcio pay up?

Not really. the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros won’t pay. It gets involved in major disasters, but not in hailstorms. Each person is responsible for the damage caused by his or her vehicle to other vehicles. If you have comprehensive insurance, damage to your own vehicle will also be covered.

“Getting appendicitis in New York could have ruined me”

Our client went on holiday to the Big Apple for a week, five years ago, and followed our advice to take out Travel Assistance Insurance. Unfortunately, he was taken ill with appendicitis and had to go into hospital for an emergency operation; the bill came to $30,000.

Here’s some advice to help you prevent spring allergies. You can treat these complaints through a medical insurance, but we’d recommend that you take it out while you’re healthy, so you avoid increasing pre-existing illnesses