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“Flooding makes a devastating appearance in autumn”

October has been disastrous for several places in Spain and especially in the Balearic Islands and Malaga. The storms have left terrible loss of human life and enormous material damage. Here at the brokerage the least we can do is lament everything that has happened and remind ourselves of how to act when in the event of a flood :

  • In the car: leave the vehicle as soon as possible and run to a safe, visible place from which you can be rescued. There are three options if you cannot leave the vehicle. Through the door: do not open until the pressure is equalised. Through the front windscreen: it will pop out if pushed with the feet. Through the side windows: break with a pointed object like a dismounted headrest, and leave always on the upstream side. Get on the roof and look for a safe, visible place that you can reach. Always move downstream.
  • At home: Keep important documentation and hazardous substances in high, dry places. Cut the electric power, water and gas supplies. Have a first aid kit ready. Close doors and windows, covering the lower part of the doors with rags or towels and the contours of the windows with adhesive tape as far as possible. Stay in the highest places of the house and avoid leaving it until the danger has passed.
  • On foot: above all, stay away from rivers, torrents and low-lying land. Avoid trees, fences and metal objects. If possible, take refuge in a building and always make for the highest part to wait until you are rescued.

The October floods cost 80 million euros

A flood is an extraordinary risk excluded from the insurance policy for which the Consorcio  takes responsibility provided that there is a previously contracted policy. This organisation informs us that the floods in the Balearic Islands, Malaga and Catalonia in October may generate 16,600 compensation applications for a total of 80 million euros paid to policyholders who have suffered damage to their person or property: homes, vehicles, shops, offices and industries.

The good news is that they have already begun to receive the payments to mitigate the effects of the damage sustained.

Those affected will always find our doors open to help and manage all the procedures before the Consorcio  so that the associated indemnities can be paid as soon as possible.