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Bars, smoking, gambling and… HEALTH

We say, ‘A fresh start for the new year’ and we set ourselves targets to be fitter, improve our finances, take better care of the family…

According to UNESPA, every year we spend an average of €1,721 in bars, €1,049 on smoking and €440 on gambling. When we’re asked about the elixir of happiness, we talk about physical and mental health, and social relationships (a survey the London School of Economics carried out on 20,000 people from all over the world).

We recommend you start the year by breaking bad habits and ‘taking great care of yourself’; eating healthily, doing sport and even giving up smoking. Many Health Insurance policies include programmes to make it easier for you.

An X-ray of Health Insurance

Did you know that the number of people in Spain with Health Insurance is on the rise and that there are currently 11.5 million people insured?

To start off with, we don’t think that Health Insurance is necessary but imagine if you had an accident and broke your leg in seven places, you would probably rather have an urgent operation performed by the best specialist medical staff and start rehabilitation as soon as possible. You would feel the same if you were pregnant and you wanted to know that everything was going well… an extra scan now and again wouldn’t be such a bad thing… or after working hard for a long time you had trouble with your back and you found out that you had to pay for each session of physiotherapy that helped to keep you on your feet.

Well, you need to know that Health Insurance offers two essential products: access to primary healthcare (general medicine, paediatrics, nursing care, home-based and outpatient emergencies) and specialist healthcare in the doctor’s surgery, as a hospital inpatient and in diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures. The most complete plans enable you to choose the medical staff or the hospital you need for every occasion. In addition, you can take out complementary guarantees such as a second diagnosis in the US or the storage of umbilical cord blood and tissue.

Let’s hope you’ll never need it, but… what would happen if…?

We hope you have a wonderful start to the year!