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Does the person who collides pay for a pile-up?

Not always. There are 2 cases:

Due to being hit from behind: you are driving slowly because a traffic light is coming; a fast-moving car is behind you, it hits you and you hit the car in front of you.

It is the fault of the driver behind you because you were keeping the proper safety distance. You were pushed ahead because of the blow from behind. So his Civil Liability insurance policy will pay.

Double collision: you collide with the vehicle which is in front of you and the one behind you hits you.

Each of you will pay for the damages which you have caused to the other vehicle. The insurance will only cover the repairs your car needs if you have an Own Damages (or Comprehensive) insurance policy.

How should I act?

Put on your fluorescent waistcoat and move to a safe position. Call the police and help anyone who needs it. If you do not help, you will be committing an offence of failure to assist. In that case, the insurance policy will not cover you and you could spend between 3 months and 4 years in prison (in the case of reckless conduct).