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“This is our livelihood, and if you have a really bad year…”

There are no insurance policies to compensate a bar when customers do not come in to order drinks. However, Spanish farmers have an agricultural insurance system to offset their losses in abnormal weather conditions.

Last year, frost, storms and drought destroyed entire harvests of grapes for wine, cereal crops, olives…Insurance companies calculated compensation of 725 million euros, 46% higher than the previous year and in fact the second highest payout in the history of agricultural insurance in Spain.

Fortunately, after 36 years our system has reached a mature stage of development. It has managed to overcome economic crises, and is now used as a model for advanced countries such as the United States or Germany. It covers virtually all possible situations you can imagine…

“Whatever can be insured receives no government aid”

Olives are harvested in the winter. It’s time to plan how to insure your harvests. Usually there are two types of agricultural insurance: Third-party (which covers basic problems such as hail) and Comprehensive insurance (for any adverse weather conditions).

Just to be clear…

Agricultural insurance policies are NOT expensive, are NOT complicated and are NOT difficult to collect if we advise you.

Spanish farmers have modernised their operations and invest (that is to say they do NOT spend) in insurance companies. By this means, they are able to guarantee their annual income and overcome what is known as the “vecera” (years with abundant harvests followed by years with poor harvests).

Farmers with insurance say:

“It is definitely worth it”

“This is our livelihood, if you get a really bad year…”

“It provides security”