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With tearstained eyes… #ArdeGalicia# #ArdeAsturias

With tearstained eyes we must tell you that, all across Galicia and Asturias and even in León, the forests are not simply burning: THEY ARE BEING BURNT. More forest was destroyed in a single weekend than during the rest of the entire year:  11,500 hectares. People were killed and injured. 500 soldiers and 350 fire fighters took part using 220 motorised pumps…

Those that started the fires were our neighbours, and that’s what hurts.

They acted recklessly, without the slightest empathy or responsibility.

How can hundreds of fires be deliberately started using the dry undergrowth as fuel to fan the wildfires in the forest? These are among the regions with some of the most densely-forested areas in Europe, but they are disappearing due to human activity.

Financial interests, eucalyptus for cellulose, lack of culture (the bush is mine and I’ll burn it if I like), arsonists, criminals…

By the people for the people

Yesterday they attacked my country and I saw the people defend it. Without flag-waving… with buckets in their hands.

The residents of the affected areas formed human chains to support the fire fighters by transporting buckets of water to drench incipient fires.

If anyone hasn’t been able to return home for any reason, I have a spare bed and can put two people up. You are welcome.

Examples of solidarity between neighbours, hotels and taxi drivers who offered to transport people. And all FREE for the volunteer fire fighters and for those who had lost everything in the blaze.

Spread the word. The football club will be open all night for those in need of accommodation, water and any help we can give.

Free accommodation. Anyone interested, send a private message.

And support to provide refuge for animals.

Here at the riding club we would like to offer the option of bringing your animals to our facilities to anyone who needs help due to the wildfires.

The insurance companies pay

The forest fires have destroyed businesses and houses. What now?

The victims contacted their insurance brokers as soon as possible. The companies will pay indemnities for the loss and damage caused directly by the fires. They will also take care of  damages caused while extinguishing the fires, damage to saved property and other direct losses…

For homeowners they will cover the repairs affecting the home and in many cases temporary accommodation until the houses are habitable.

In the case of companies, compensation will cover the damage to premises and even other matters such as loss of business and loss of profits. Thus neither the workers nor the businesspeople will be adversely affected.

Thanks to insurance, all private people, companies and workers can return to their normal life almost as if nothing had happened.

The policies (provided they are valid) usually cover 100% of fire damage.

So what is the problem? According to UNESPA (Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies) 40% of homes are uninsured.