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“Love for animals increases people’s cultural level”

“A dog is not a gift. It’s a responsibility”; this is the Christmas message from animal shelters. And a dog joining the home involves the whole family because the dog also becomes a family member. If someone in your family does not accept the dog, sooner or later it will be cause for disagreements and may lead to its being abandoned. In 2018, 104,688 animals were picked up (some due to being lost).

A cute turtle can grow up to 30 centimetres and requires lots of food. Parrots get older and their raucous noises get annoying. The same goes for the Senegalese parrot that reaches 140 centimetres in size and lives in an enormous cage. Many of these exotic species were abandoned, destabilizing our ecosystem.

Pets (dogs and cats are the most beloved) favour sociability and empathy, but require investment of time and money. We should feel comfortable at their side, which requires learning to share our time to give them the care they need. In return, they offer us the most unconditional love possible.

The most appropriate is to insure them to guarantee their Civil Liability, health, losses and death expenses. With Home Insurance, most dog breeds are covered, but it is best to check this in case you must supplement this with insurance for breeds listed as “potentially dangerous”. You can also minimize the family’s financial impact with a specific Pet Insurance, where their healthcare may be covered. Ask us to compare the options best suited to your needs.

And now, are you ready for your family to grow?