Farming communities work from sunrise to sunset

Harvest time, and indeed, from sunrise to sunset. Grapes, almonds and olives. Some harvests begin and others end. These are three of the most used ingredients in Spanish cuisine; for example, in mantecados (traditional Spanish crumble cakes), ajoblanco (traditional Spanish cold soup) or mazamorra porridge. The base of Spanish cuisine is our liquid gold: olive oil, produced in our olive groves. And with what do we accompany our delicacies? With our wine, of course, since we live in a land of vineyards.

In the agricultural sector, it is harvest time when all that effort is seen. However, what is collected is not always what is actually produced. A storm, adverse weather conditions, and a thousand other uncontrollable phenomena can sink a whole year of work. We just have to remember the DANA storm, which occurred just a year ago. It devastated 15 autonomous communities and was the cause of the largest cold spell disaster in the history of the Spanish countryside. It affected 45,600 hectares that led to 5,563 claims. The insurance industry paid 84 million euros.

Fortunately, Spanish insurance is the European Champion and one of the three most successful worldwide for its sound coverage. The keys to this insurance leadership are planning, electronic channels, professionalism of experts, geographic information systems and, of course, our service.

So we would like you to know that you still have time to ensure your nuts and olive harvest. Do not leave to chance your risks and damages in production, plantation, and facilities.

Ask us. We will explain the market’s guarantees, deductibles and coverage and help you choose the best alternative for your operation.