Funeral insurance: the whole truth

Without death, there is no life, and life is wonderful. In our loved ones’ final moments all we want to do is be there with them and express our love and affection. 22 million Spaniards believe that a good way of alleviating the pain of what remains is being sure our funeral is handled.

There are 3 falsehoods about Funeral insurance.

False: 1. It only covers funeral expenses. Truth: it also covers all bureaucratic procedures, psychological assistance, family legal consultation, transfers, travel assistance, extraordinary forensic medical expenses, etc.

False: 2. Insurance is more expensive than the funeral itself. Truth: First of all, what is covered by suddenly having such an expenditure can thereby create a hole in the family budget. It also covers the niche, memorial plaque, mortuary and funeral services, and of course all additional coverage. These are also high expenses that vary considerably from one municipality to another.

False: 3. It’s for the elderly. Truth: The age group that most contracts the policy is between 35 and 39 years old.