Guide for not drowning in a thunderstorm

Indian summer made an appearance in October with Alex, a cold, rainy, windy and rough sea storm that devastated the Iberian Peninsula. It caused six deaths and damage to homes, businesses and vehicles.

Take action in a thunderstorm

Configure your mobile applications. When there is an alert, evacuate your home, leaving valuables at a high location. At your place of business, prevent water from reaching infrastructure and equipment.

Car evacuations

Fill up your fuel tank, drive on authorized roads and if water comes up around the vehicle abandon it and find higher ground.

In the event of a claim

Call us immediately. We will review your policy and handle it with the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros (Insurance Compensation Consortium), who assumes these claims for damages caused by natural phenomena.

What is the Consorcio?

A public insurer that provides compensation according to each policy’s terms.

What coverage is handled by the Consorcio?

Damages due to natural phenomena, terrorism and armed forces and security forces actions.

What would be the primary circumstance for the Consorcio NOT to compensate you?

You will not be entitled to any compensation if you DO NOT already have home, car, or business insurance. Therefore, extraordinary floods, which is the risk causing the most damage in Spain, or earthquakes, tsunamis, atypical cyclonic storms, among others, do not include the right to compensation if NO prior insurance was held.