Home insurance is not mandatory, it is essential

A large fire in the Hortaleza neighbourhood of Madrid covered the upper floors of a 20-story building with flames. The tower is newly built and is adjacent to five similar buildings.

This happened at the end of August. The fire burned eight residences of the three upper floors and the attic; other floors below are affected by smoke and burning smell and are without electricity or water. Many residents have not yet returned. It took more than 20 fire crews to quell the fire that seriously affected the façade. Nobody was injured, fortunately.

There is a lot of damage! And everything seems to be caused by an accident that occurred in an owner’s residence.

How much money are we talking about?

  • Compensation for all residences and common parts of the building… 3 floors, 8 houses, 1 attic and the building’s façade.
  • Compensation for the contents of all homes.
  • The number of firefighters to quell the fire… More than 20 fire crews.
  • Expert’s fees.
  • Defence of the insured if found guilty.
  • Civil Liability for other third-party claims. For example, lodging costs of those affected until they can go back home…
  • Other expenses.

Who pays?

It’s very simple: the person responsible for the fire. In this case, the person responsible appears to be one of the homeowners.

Who can pay in your place?

An insurer, thanks to home insurance. The likelihood of there being a fire is not high, but its consequences are very serious The most important thing is to protect yourself using home insurance. Imagine that the Madrid fire had happened in your home and you had to compensate your affected neighbours in addition to your own home. Could you take this on?

Your most important asset.

Home insurance not only protects your most significant asset, which is usually your home. It also protects you from all damages that you may suffer due to fire, water, civil liability, theft… and many other things

Don’t risk it. You could lose everything. Ask us.