The dog that caused an accident and had no insurance

This Sunday, Ozzy (an 8-month-old Beagle puppy) was walking with his family through a field near the highway fence. He was running so happily when an unexpected noise startled him. Ozzy raced across the highway and was hit by a car. A tremendous loss. Ozzy had already become a playmate. And with his love, he had managed to lift the spirits that sometimes life takes away from us and now life struck again by fatal chance.

There’s even more… The car that hit him experienced a serious accident with a tow truck and the Guardia Civil. Luckily, the occupants escaped unscathed, but … What if Ozzy had caused a multi-vehicle chain collision? What if it had led to more serious consequences such as injury or death?

We believe that all pets are included in Home insurance (potentially dangerous animals are separate, as they need mandatory insurance). But it’s not always like that. With a policy that is improperly contracted over the Internet or by your bank, or even a very old one, this family would have had to assume 100% of the compensation. Fortunately, Ozzy’s relatives are clients of our brokerage and we include in the insurance the affectionate Beagle along with his carpet companion, Miau, who is a cute Siamese kitten.

Adding pets to insurance is usually free. However, just hiring it is not enough. We recommend you review the limits of the insured capital, the compensation and exclusions (they can be by breed, number of animals, etc.) And so everyone is very happyThis is particularly important to bear in mind, especially at Christmastime, when the number of pet adoptions increases.