They lost your bags. What should you do?

In times of confinement where there are reductions in our freedom of mobility, it is difficult for us to think up, plan and take a trip. However, sometimes it happens that we need to travel for work, health or even personal reasons. And if so, our brokerage wants you to have all the tools to do it safely. We also tell you how to take action if your luggage does not show up:

1.- Keep calm and go to the lost property department. 90% of luggage is recovered in a few hours.

2.- Before leaving the airport, fill in the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) to make a claim for the suitcase from the airline. Send another complaint in writing to the Customer Service department. If you have taken more than one airplane, you can make a claim to all airlines because they are all responsible.

3.- Be careful to comply with the deadlines. For damaged luggage, you have 7 days to recover it. For delay or loss, you have 21 days. These days are counted starting from the flight’s arrival. If they do not appear in that time period, they are considered lost. In that case, you must file another claim with the airline for lost luggage. The company must respond, but if the response does not reach you or you are not persuaded, you then have 2 years to go to court.

4.- Luggage robbery. You retrieve the suitcases and notice that some of your items are missing. Report it to the police.

5.- Demand compensation. When there is a definitive loss. 1,400 Euros is the limit. If you were travelling with high value items, declare such items before boarding. You will pay an additional fee. There is an overnight kit for when you arrive at your destination with no luggage. It contains basic hygiene products and a bonus or payment for daily expenses.

Now you know: Better Safe than Sorry. Take out Travel Insurance. It will help you with claims, legal defence and legal complaints. It can also compensate you for cancellations or medical emergencies.