“What’s past is past. The good, saved. The bad, gotten rid of”

It seems that in March, time suddenly stopped, but when December is over we will climb a high hill to look far, far away and anticipate a better future.

It’s true… this year we have seen each other less due to travel restrictions and we are more concerned about our closest loved ones.

Also, Christmas will be close and intimate. We will talk by videoconference, we will send gifts by courier and we will eat the grapes, as always, while watching TV.

The world has changed and we have matured. We are more respectful. We have learned to enjoy home and to squeeze every minute shared with those who really matter to us.

In 2021, we will work hard to rebuild a healthy, supportive and united society in common projects.

We mourn and suffer from so much loss caused by this virus. And we, Brokers at Heart, will always have a flame lit to remember them.

Therefore, this year especially, we wish you 10 out of 10 in health and at least 5 out of 10 in money, so you’re not lacking anything.

In 2021, do the right thing. Forgive mistakes and fulfil your dreams.

Have a happy and close holiday!