“Yes indeed. Self-employed workers also receive unemployment benefits”

In Spain, self-employed workers have been able to collect unemployment since 2010, when the benefit for cessation of activity came into force. Cessation of activity is the unemployment benefit for self-employed workers. In order to access it, a series of :

  • Registration in the corresponding Social Security scheme (RETA).
  • Have the minimum contribution period for cessation of activity: in other words, contribute to be able to receive this benefit. Contributing in order to access the benefit was optional until 1 January 2019. It became mandatory starting on that date so all self-employed workers would have the “right to unemployment benefits”.
  • Be up to date with the payment of Social Security contributions.
  • Not yet eligible for retirement.

Currently, Royal Decree-Law 2/2020 on extraordinary urgent measures for facing the economic and social impact of Covid-19, has established extraordinary benefits to cover the cessation of activity of all self-employed workers who have suspended work due to the declaration of the alarm status or when billing has decreased by at least 75% compared to billing from the previous semester. This measure is much more flexible with the contribution period than the ordinary Cessation of Activity benefit. The amount is maintained at 70% of the regulatory base; in other words, the average of the basis for which the previous twelve months have been listed. And when this is not proven, it will be 70% of the minimum contribution base of the Self-Employed Scheme.

Despite all this, we are all well aware about the precarious situation that most self-employed workers are currently experiencing. They have a maxim: do not get sick and do not stop. And that is why they can count on other alternatives which are compatible with the previous measures, for when life puts you in a bind.

Daily sick leave insurance

You can take out insurance to protect you against temporary disability, illness or accident. Receiving a daily amount for leave of absence. The amount is up to you and depends on the policy you take out. It can also include compensation for leave due to Covid-19.

It is possible to include supplementary compensation for medical hospitalization and a monthly income in case of absolute disability.