You only have one life to take out your Life insurance

It’s said that cats have seven lives due to their supernatural qualities for landing on their feet almost 100% of the time. They stiffen their bodies which helps cushion the blow upon landing. They say that this way they jump from great heights up to six times because on the seventh, they become human and their longevity ends.

As people only have one life, it is better to take care of it for our own good and for those who come after. Your Life insurance is not a question of age but of beneficiaries.

You have 5 minutes to think about whether you are interested.

Here are some ideas.

Minute 1. You are at the right age if you have started a joint life project, your family is growing or you have set big goals for yourself (such as buying a flat).

Minute 2. You want to prevent the economic effects of serious illnesses that prevent you from working, or a disability.

Minute 3. When you are no longer here, your children’s studies, mortgage or debts will be taken care of.

Minute 4. Do not make the mistake of contracting it too late when there may be health impediments to contracting it.

Minute 5. In our insurance brokerage, we compare market options. We customize the policy according to your age, income and needs and we calculate how much you will pay according to the compensation you wish to collect.

And to live it up, life is short and the days… are to be enjoyed.