“What you spend on a bike, you save on health”

Our piece of advice: insuring YOUR civil liability as owner and/or user of bicycles or personal mobility vehicles of up to 25 km/h (scooters, segways, hoverboards, monocycles, and so on) can be done taking out individual or family mobility. After that, go about the city without worrying about what may happen. All of us, insurance professionals, handle offers from 35 €/year.

Red and blue traffic signs and what they mean

OK! You are now 18, you passed both the theoretical and practical driving test… Now, 20 years later… do you remember the meaning of the traffic signs?

230,000 students use the school bus every day. For safety reasons, school buses protect them with an unlimited CL #insurance policy. Even so, a third of all sanctions are due to not having taken it out. It’s #important, #urgent and #mandatory.