#VanLife: living in a van

Travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Aventura is the name of Sole and Jonás’ camper. They like to get up with the first ray of light and go to bed early absorbing the rhythms of the sun. When they visit the sea, the first thing they do is go to the beach and get their feet wet. When they visit a city, they prefer to spend the night on the outskirts and visit it by bike.

The world of caravanning is very healthy, although not everything is acceptable. In Spain, to drive a motorhome weighing more than 3,500 kg, you must have a C1 license for heavy vehicles and speed on motorways must be reduced to 90 km/h and on highways to 80 km/h, since speed limits are reduced according to the vehicle weight.

Camper or motorhome?

Campers don’t have a motor, passengers are prohibited, and they are pulled by other vehicles, such as cars. As many people can travel in the car as there are seats available.

However, a motorhome is a vehicle that lets you live and travel inside. As many people are allowed as there are approved seats, pursuant to your vehicle’s technical specifications.

Be careful where you park! There are spaces enabled as campsites and overnight areas. You also have to distinguish between spending the night and camping, since you can sleep inside your motorhome or camper van anywhere where parking is not prohibited, and as long as you do not “camp”, in other words, you do not take any items outside (chairs, awnings, even folding windows, etc.).

And insurance is for when?

Hire it before starting the engine. Apart from the classic coverage (CL, theft, fire, auto glass, travel assistance, etc.), we recommend you protect the windows and skylights.

Your home is outdoors, so cover weather and atmospheric damage. It also insures your personal belongings inside and outside the vehicle, in case your bicycles disappear.

Enjoy your “Van Life Movement”.