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The Book of Genesis says that Methuselah lived for 969 years, making him the oldest man before the great flood. Some people say that his longevity was actually due to a miscalculation of lunar and solar cycles, and that in fact he lived for 72 years – which is also remarkable at a time when life expectancy was so low (30 years).

Human longevity began to grow in the 19th century, and since then, with the help of science, people have gone on living longer and longer. Children who are born today will live a century of 100 years and pensions will be a problem for them: by 2050, Spain will only have two people working for each retiree.

Most of these children will find work in jobs which do not exist today. Ask your grandmother or your mother what an SEO consultant, or Community Manager or a Big Data analyst, is. Many of them will be paid part of their income through what is known as the informal or underground economy (it is thought to account for 23% of people’s income in Spain).

This situation is much worse for women who receive less pay than men, but actually live longer.

Saving is GREAT

In Spain, we save when we buy a home. But we also have to save for our peace of mind, to make a return, to have a nest egg or to be able to retire without problems. Take note:

  • In 2030, public pensions will be at most 60% of your salary.
  • By 2050, the current minimum pension of €634 in 14 instalments would have dropped to €445.2.

As insurance brokers, we know how much, how and where you have to save to maintain your current lifestyle in accordance with your age.

In the 19th century, the expression of living like a king was used. In the 1940s, it changed to living like a priest. And now we say living like a lord.

Do you want to retire without having to worry about going short in the future? Quick… Think like a lord and come over to see us.