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The eyes are the windows of the soul… also when you’re driving

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”. (Bernard of Chartres).

In life it is important to plan for the long term, and the same is true when driving a car or riding a motorcycle. Keeping a watchful eye signals the difference between a good and a bad driver. Rear view mirrors and today’s GPS navigation systems provide a 360° view, enabling us to drive more safely.

Where should we look?

Into the distance to anticipate and be aware of what lies ahead.

Left, right and behind. To know if someone is behind us or planning to overtake us

Using peripheral vision to detect pedestrians, a bus or another vehicle.

And into curves, studying the angle of approach and how to exit them.

Extrapolate these principles to driving and your own life and you’ll see that they also apply.