If you buy a car with your heart, insure it with your head

As desire is full of traps, buying a car is still one of the most emotional purchases people make during their lifetime. We admire the brand, design, horsepower…and convince ourselves that it is roomy, comfortable and that the children will travel much more safely.

Despite the internet searches and price comparisons in the hunt for “deals on 4 wheels”, we humans put all our passion into making the second most important purchase after our home.

Then when it’s time to take out insurance, the question that arises is: which is more convenient – liability or comprehensive insurance? The difference includes paying more for extra coverage, but does it make economic sense?

From an economic standpoint, taking out one or another insurance policy depends on several factors or circumstances, with vehicle age being the main reason for choosing among them.

The fastest and easiest way to take out the best insurance is to let us advise you. Our brokers use the best technology and a comprehensive array of insurance companies with a multitude of products that adapt perfectly to every need. We can help you find the Auto insurance that best suits your needs in terms of guarantees and rates.