Service your car and… have a happy summer!

One of the undisputed principles of working is relaxing, and this is typical with good weather and vacation time. You’ll probably make a trip by car in the next few days. We don’t want anything or anyone to spoil your plans. So here are 3 tips on mechanics, documents and insurance to ensure your vehicle is ready to take to the road.


Mechanical inspections

It is crucial to have the engine inspected, either by yourself or by a mechanic.

You must check the levels of the liquids (coolant, oil…) and the condition of the tyres (pressure and wear).

The visibility elements (lights and windscreen) must be in good working order.

Also make sure to check the shock absorbers, brakes and air conditioning systems.

Paperwork close at hand

You must always carry a valid registration certificate and driving licence and have a current Spanish ITV (‘Vehicle Technical Inspection’) sticker.

We also recommend you have a copy of your policy, proof of payment of insurance, our Agreed Statement of Facts Guide, a European Accident Report Form and the insurance company’s hotline.

What is the best insurance to have?

Fully comprehensive insurance is best for vehicles under 6 years old. After that, liability insurance should be enough, although for a little more you can get pharmaceuticals and hospital coverage for driver and passengers, windscreen repair, travel assistance and theft and fire protection. Ask our brokers how to obtain these extra benefits.

Finally, we recommend you properly distribute your luggage in the boot and securely fasten bicycles and cargo in the rooftop carrier.

And never forget your emergency kit: triangles, reflective vest and first-aid kit.