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“Isn’t it amazing everything a pencil may have inside?”

Sharpen your pencil and remember this caption by Quino (the creator of Mafalda) because it’s time to get ready for Back to School Expenses. Are you between 35 and 60? Partnered? Children? Do you live for the moment or do you anticipate problems?

The three-month school holiday period is almost over; you’ve had a chance to relax and now are faced with school expenses: textbooks, notebooks, extra-curricular activities… Trees begin shedding their leaves in September and it begins to smell like autumn. Do your numbers with Quino’s pencil and decide whether you can get by with last year’s backpacks, don’t rush out and buy everything at once and take advantage of the sales.

The perfect insurance: health, money and love

Speaking of savings, what would happen if someone in your family suffered an accident, fell ill, the head of household were to die or your house burned down? Unfortunately, bad luck happens, and a serious unforeseen event can ruin your life.

One of your family’s priorities is to foresee and protect them from any setbacks. How? First, by ensuring a regular flow of income in case something was to happen to the main provider. After that, guarantee your family’s health, your assets and the education of your children.

When Back to School starts it’s the perfect time to assess these goals, which mean taking out Life, Health and Home Owner’s insurance policies, among others.

In the classrooms every teacher has a different way of doing things. Your child’s teacher is very fond of her students; the tutor of the eldest is tougher and stricter, but they both endeavour to make your children learn and get a good education.

And as parents, we must provide them with deep roots and wings so they can leave the nest when the time comes. Until then, the greatest act of love we can show them is to make sure they live a safe and happy life. This is where brokers can help you to choose the ideal insurance.