“1000 ways to live”

No two people are the same in the world. There are long lists of “reasonable similarities.” It is even said that everyone has a double somewhere on the planet, and let’s not forget the cases of identical twins. Even so, each person is unique, original and unrepeatable.

You, me, our loved ones… deserve a special memory like the one offered by Funeral Insurance. Before, it was “sad” Insurance. We used to call it “the one for the dead.” The times have transformed it into an agile “all cases” that pays tribute to the story of a life. How? Maintaining the usual guarantees and giving it style. For example:

  • Designing unique types of burials: sustainable, cremations, and more.
  • Opening up to all religions: Christian, secular, Islamic, Eastern, and more.
  • Allowing an “online will” (by phone or internet) with signature before a notary and attendance of a lawyer.
  • Managing the “digital footprint” with deletion of our social-virtual life on social networks and online.
  • And meanwhile… legal assistance, travel assistance, medical assistance, psychological assistance, dental services, home help, with options for singles, seniors and even family plans.

A good farewell tribute

The ceremony, the memory, celebrating life, being grateful for knowing each other. Today, mourners are no longer necessary. We can and we must say goodbye just as the person who is leaving would have wanted to. It can be with a good sermon from the pastor of our entire lives, but it can also be a gathering of friends and family around a tree to recall anecdotes. Or even that a band accompanies the coffin in a horse carriage.

Depart as you lived. Let those who accompanied you in life celebrate you. Everything else doesn’t matter, because the serious part is already taken care of by Insurance. We help you choose well.