“A dog is lovable and noble. A dog is a true and loving friend”, Mary Oliver

If you open your front door 50 times, your dog will come out excitedly to greet you all 50 times. He couldn’t care less if you’re handsome or ugly, rich or poor, mediocre or important. To your dog you are the greatest in the world: the smartest, his soulmate, the absolute superhero.

Their company improves your health, makes you more responsible, relieves stress and makes you happy. According to scientists, a dog says “I love you” when:

  • He moves his tail like an accelerated pendulum and smiles (in his dog way).
  • He brings you a stick or a toy in his mouth so that you give him your attention.
  • He lies down next to you, looking for and giving protection.
  • He chews on your shoes, your clothes and licks you.
  • He follows you around the house and sits at your feet.

And he doesn’t mind if you go to work because he knows you’ll never leave him. In Spain there are already more dogs than people under 15: 13 million dogs!

However, our adorable friends can have an accident, get sick or get lost. They are a member of the family. And, to give them back a little of what they give us and save us unforeseen expenses, we created Pet Insurance. Pet Insurance takes care of their health, their travel, it protects them from theft, it defends them with legal assistance or liability and says goodbye by handling their death. There are many insurance options, depending on your needs and your budget. Contact us and we will review, make comparisons, and provide guidance. It’s up to you.

Your dog’s bond with you will never break. As the wise man said, “I only trust my mother and my dog.”