A dog’s life? Protective insurance is now mandatory!

Do not leave it for tomorrow. The new Spanish Animal Welfare Law, which will come into force this year, will require you to take out Civil Liability Insurance for your dogs and must include the owner as the responsible party for the animal. Until now it was only necessary for “potentially dangerous” dogs, but now it will be for all dogs.

Be careful! In Madrid and the Basque Country, insurance is already mandatory and without it you would have been subject to a fine of 150-15,000 euros.

Why is it mandatory?

For injuries or damages that may be caused to third parties, whether people, other animals or objects. As a rule, CL usually covers financial compensation that is imposed on the owners originating from economic damages or losses caused by your dog. In this way, an injury could be biting another dog, an accident where your dog crosses the street and throws a cyclist off-balance, or while on a walk gets entangled with somebody and causes an injury by falling or playing, chews on someone’s possessions and causes damage. These kinds of insurance cover financial damage that may be caused to objects or people.

Is Home Insurance enough?

In Spain, there are over 29 million pets, of which 9.5 million are dogs, according to data from ANFAAC (Spanish National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers). Home Insurance covers some pets with its Civil Liability securities, and within these there are exclusions depending on breed or characteristics. So you have to review the policy and check that your dog is actually covered by your Home Insurance. We should remind you that, from the time of entry into force of the Animal Welfare Law, it will be mandatory to contract specific Civil Liability Insurance for all dogs, without exclusion, that handles the damage they may cause, whether material, personal or, even to other dogs.

We recommend that you complete your Mandatory CL including Pet Insurance, which includes different coverage, in addition to CL and health coverage, including cases of illness or accident and compensation in case of theft or loss. It includes burial due to death or euthanasia.

They will be more protected and you and your family will be more relaxed when taking them on walks.