A leopard never changes its spots

Death always seems bad, and it is so nice to be alive. That’s why you have to enjoy every day, because you never know when the grim reaper will knock on our door. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly, but it is never a pleasant visit. Not only is a person taken, but the unpaid bill is left here. And that is why most people in Spain take out Funeral Insurance

Beyond death there is a lot of life and we want our families to enjoy it without financial or emotional constraints. There are Funeral Insurance packages that, in addition to assuming the costly bureaucratic procedures (processing of the death certificate, discharge from Social Security, pension application, digital removal, etc.), provide assistance (psychological, economic and legal). And since, luckily, it is a long way coming, whether it arrives, this Insurance can accompany us in the problems of the living…from the divorce process to computer and technological assistance, handyman home assistance, dental cleaning or your online will. Are you surprised?

Ask us. Because there is insurance for many preferences.