Accident insurance: you don’t have to die to receive compensation

You may be young and healthy, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never suffer an accident that, in the worst case, takes you to the great beyond; or you may become disabled, which will cause your life to completely change. Your home may need adapting, or your car, and perhaps it may become impossible for you to carry on with your usual job. It can also happen that, after the accident, an extended period of recovery, operations, and rehabilitation – a lot of rehabilitation – is needed. What can you do to have an income that helps you in the meantime? That’s where Accident Insurance comes in and why it’s recommended for any profession or leisure activity, especially if you’re self-employed.

These policies protect you at work, in your private life and when you’re on the go. You would receive compensation for disability, which may be permanent, absolute, or partial, and also in death (your heirs). These insurance policies can also cover hospitalization and health care.

Oh, and by the way, they take effect from the first minute you take them out. (There are usually no waiting periods or deductibles involved).