“All music seems beautiful under candlelight”

The good weather is here and you are starting to schedule your attendance at your favourite festivals. Some will be held indoors and others outdoors. They will all be a success: great artists, great bands, great shows that you will live with your friends or family.

But… What is hidden behind these types of shows so that everything goes well and we are well protected if something happens?

As we can all imagine, any event that brings together a large number of people carries with it a large number of problems and risks. The more people attending, the more the probability that something fails. The proper organization of an event goes through the forecast, the resolution of all these problems that arise on the fly and the Insurance that protects the organizers, artists, workers and spectators.

Changes in hours, changes in venues and/or locations, falls and injuries, damage to facilities, assembly or disassembly accidents, problems with electrical installations, theft, food poisoning, adverse weather, crowds or stampedes, cancellations, and more.

The organizers have the obligation to be prudent and aware of all possible eventualities so that we all have a good time, are protected and Party Guaranteed!!