And this Christmas? Let’s go! Let’s stay!

Gema, along with her husband and their three children, have decided to fly at Christmas. No family or social commitments, running everywhere to keep up with everyone. This year Christmas is just for them. They have prepared a very special trip to go see the northern lights in Iceland. Let’s see if they can catch Rudolf the Reindeer guide Santa’s sleigh through the sky.

They have purchased plane tickets and reserved their rooms in a comfortable hostel. And this time they have visited the brokerage to take out Travel Insurance. The last time they planned a trip: they didn’t plan for the possibility of having to cancel it. Their young son got appendicitis and they had to cancel their trip. They had rented a small apartment on the beach and once the early cancellation period had passed, they were not refunded even a single euro of the rental price. This was not a small amount!

Now they don’t want to risk this happening again. They are very excited about taking this trip. This has been a dream for many years. They have saved for a long time, both in money and vacation days, to be able to do it with peace of mind. However, they know that there are incidents that, despite your planning, can prevent you from travelling: an accident, a sudden illness. In addition, their eldest daughter might be hired for her first job. How could she give this up?! We have made sure to contract the cancellation fees. And for the crazy young teenagers, we have also ensured sending things that they may have forgotten during the trip. And, of course, we have reassured them because their flight has a stopover and they also have two trains to catch. So if a train is delayed and they miss connections, they will have their travel, accommodation and living expenses covered.

Our Insurance Brokerage will help them enjoy their long-awaited trip. How? Calmly. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that whatever happens, our entire team will take care of resolving it.