“- And your better half? – I don’t have one, I am forbidden fruit”

Valentine, a priest in third-century Rome, secretly married lovers during the time of Claudius II, who forbade young people to get married because he believed that single men without families made better soldiers. He died as a martyr on February 14. This is where the tradition began… And let’s not forget the “chubby and capricious” Cupid, the Roman god of love, who also loves shooting arrows without rhyme or reason (some hit their target…).

On February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. It is the day for lovers, and it is true that it has become a holiday that proclaims consumerism over love. Or perhaps this is a slogan of those who have no one to spend time with to celebrate love?

A detail, a small gift, a special lunch or dinner out. And why not? A drawing or a poem will turn an insignificant day into a wonderful day. In any case… Happy Valentine’s Day.