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“August ripens and September harvests the grape”

“Under the roof of the great walnut, the winemakers washed, singing, their casks with a cool, loud and heavy cadence; the racks passed, legs bare, with the jugs of must or bull’s blood, alive and sparkling; and there at the bottom, under the shed, the coopers made round hollow blows, stuck in the clean smelly chips… ” (Platero and I, Juan Ramón Jiménez)

It is estimated that 12,000 people will travel to France to work as seasonal workers during the harvest.

In Spain, the campaign covers almost a month of hard work regulated by our authorities and which is protected by the insurance sector.

With papers in order

Hail, machine breakdowns, injured workers… These are incidents that you can easily anticipate. Compulsory insurance is:

  • Worker agreement accidents. For workers accidents.
  • Farm equipment. Any motor vehicle (such as tractors) must always be insured, as well as towed agricultural machinery (such as trailers). CL is mandatory, for damages to third parties.

Other advisable insurance:

  • Operation CL (for external claims and theft), employer (disagreements with workers) and products (with damages to third parties).
  • Grape Agricultural Insurance: covers inclement weather like frost, hail and floods. However, we must take into account deadlines in contracting this coverage, since they are limited by time, quite precisely by the weather…

September smells and tastes like wine. Have a good harvest!