“Be a hero and run!”

“We took advantage of the long weekend to meet at our parents’ house and set up the Christmas decorations. We did it when we were little, and we keep up the tradition now. It is a family tradition. We usually start on December 6. The Christmas tree, with its tinsel and decorations. We also set up a small nativity scene. The portal is a carved pumpkin that our uncle gave us. And on a family outing we collect pine twigs and some dry cones. We add a little sawdust to make the floor and the river of course, using aluminium foil. Let’s not forget about the lights, lots of lights and turned on a lot of time.”

This is a beautiful Christmas scene, typical in many homes around this time of year. Do we analyse the risks? It’s cold, very cold. So we turn on more heaters, whether electric, biomass, or gas… We also have more lighting using cables, power strips with various sockets… ornaments and a lot of plastic, curtains, sofas, plastic paint… Items that catch on fire easily with just a bit of carelessness, a small electrical failure, or a small spark that can lead to a deadly fire.

The Fundación Fuego, dedicated to preventive information against fires, tells us that “the first minutes of the fire and the way to act are key.”

If a fire breaks out in your house and you can’t put it out, be a hero and RUN. Don’t use the elevator. Call 112 while you exit your home. Notify everyone who lives in your building. Not one life in danger.

If the fire obstructs the exit, run to the furthest room, always closing the doors and covering the cracks in the doors with wet clothing to block out the smoke. Cover your mouth and nose with a damp garment. Go to the windows and ask for help. And if your clothes catch fire, drop to the ground and roll.

Every year there are 50 million home claims. Insurance solves them by paying 5.5 million euros a day in compensation.

In Spain, more incidents are reported (50 million) than inhabitants (47.39 million) are.

Almost certainly, buying a home is the most important investment you make in your life. You just have to remember the efforts that it costs you to pay for it. For this reason, our brokerage helps you to protect it adequately with your home insurance so that any setback does not affect your quality of life.