“Better than bread”

September is the month of new resolutions, like going to the gym to work on our bellies from all those pints on our six packs.

A poster hangs over the GYM door with 10 tricks for showing off our six packs within four weeks.

Say goodbye to laziness, change your programming and, with strong will, you will get the results you are looking for: getting stronger than an ox.

And if we talk about insurance for your gym… Do you do bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga, Zumba, or other exercise? Are you a beginner or veteran?

On the web you offer your clients different rates and services. In our brokerage too.

  • Your “reduced” fee is equivalent to the mandatory Civil Liability that assumes injuries caused by malfunction of the facilities or negligence. If you sell products (such as food supplements), include them in the CL.
  • Insure your main investment: machines. The insurance will pay for thefts, breakages, breakdowns…
  • The “complete” policy includes all of the above plus glass breakage, personal protection (accidents, health), legal assistance and loss of benefits.

As you advertise in your marketing, stop making excuses and plan the autumn so that the gym is “better than bread.” You work on attracting customers and training them and we’ll take care of protecting them all.