Can you please all the people all the time?

Spanish novelist Miguel Delibes said that “…If the sky is high, it’s because farmers had raised it from looking at it so much.” And they might just have their reasons… The rains appear from April to May and disappear from August to October. To sow crops, the land needs sun and to flourish, water. Each season nurtures its climate.

Water is a blessing, and if it doesn’t come, we call upon it to do so. The Indigenous tribes said prayers. In some regions of Spain, 2 onions are placed in the highest window of the house. New geoengineering technologies invite us to seed clouds: China seeds silver iodide into clouds to cause precipitation. It’s an attempt to twist the weather’s arm. However, China’s neighbouring countries call it “stealing rain.”

To rain or not to rain, that is the dilemma

When flood or drought come, what roof do you use to cover your farm or food industry?

The most effective umbrella is a good insurance policy (on crops and animals). It’s there to help you protect from material damage to crops, trees, livestock, and businesses, due to rains, thaws, and flooding. They can also compensate for accidents and deaths of people and animals caused by water.

In addition, when a major natural catastrophe occurs (drought or flood) the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros intervenes. In our offices, we take care of everything from the issuance of your policy. In our offices, we take care of everything from the issuance of your policy to the resolution of the claim.