“Car poorly safeguarded is easily stolen by thieves”

We are going to resolve 5 doubts about the so-called veteran bestsellers; the best-selling cars and, therefore, the most highly stolen, according to a report by “We Are Safe”, UNESPA.

What. The cars most frequently stolen are: Ibiza, Golf, León, Focus and BMW 3 series. Cars 11-25 years old.

When. Every day 96 cars are stolen in Spain, most of them on vacation departures and returns.

Where. Large urban centres are most affected. Also the municipalities located in its periphery. The provinces with the highest probability of theft: Seville, Madrid, Huelva, Barcelona and Guadalajara.

Why. To sell the parts and use them for repairs. Cars with a “certain age” are much more prone to mishaps that require repairs and replacement of parts.

Anti-theft tips:

Close and properly lock the car, doors and windows. And if you have the possibility of a modern anti-theft system, all the better.

Try not to park in isolated places and remember where you have parked.

And if you get robbed:

File a complaint at the police station. If the car has a locator (e-call service) call the manufacturer or company that provides the service. Then contact our brokerage and we will process the claim with the insurer.

Keep an eye out! Theft coverage is not mandatory, but it becomes very necessary. Suppose you leave your jacket on a chair in a restaurant and your key is taken without your knowing it and your car is stolen. With an improper policy, you will not collect a single euro.

Also, declare the real value because if it is less (underinsurance) you will only be compensated for the declared amount.