Catastrophes at all risk

General warning: climate catastrophes have been five times higher in the last half century. From now on they will be more frequent and more serious due to climate change: we will experience more heat waves, strong storms, forest fires and droughts. In short, there are more frequent and intense extreme weather events, with all that this entails.

In 2019 DANAS flooded Spain. In 2020, Storm Gloria hit us. In January 2021 Storm Filomena painted the streets white and we closed the year with the La Palma volcano eruption. The cost of these catastrophes alone adds up to 13 billion euros.

The good news is that early warning systems have saved many lives. And also that insurance protects you against natural phenomena. We explain it to you:

  • Rain: direct damage suffered by the effect of water on your insured property is handled by your Insurance.
  • Flood: material damage caused by the flooding of the land as a result of the direct action of rainwater, melting ice, overflows or the pounding of the sea, in Spain it is handled by the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros.
  • Wind: damage caused by winds over 120 Km/h – the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros. Wind damage under 120 Km/h – your insurance.
  • Drought: damage caused to crops and insured trees as a result of drought is covered by Agroseguro.
  • Frost: damage to crops and insured trees: Agroseguro handles it.
  • Hail: damage caused by the direct effect of hail is handled by your Insurance.
  • Snow: damage due to the direct effect of snow is handled by your Insurance.
  • Earthquakes, Tidal Waves, and Volcanic Eruptions: the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros will be responsible for indemnifying material damage to the insured property as well as personal damage to insured persons.
  • Lightning: your Insurance handles the damage caused to insured goods and people from the direct impact of lightning.

This is how we protect you. We as Insurance Brokers handle your concerns. Come to our offices and we will advise you.