Come and see! The show is about to start.

“Ladies and gentlemen, on the stage of life, there is a silent protagonist who ensures that the show goes on without a hitch: Event Public Liability Insurance.”

Whether at exciting Halloween parties in Port Aventura, majestic events at castles like Belmonte or at the vibrant Youth Centre in your municipality, behind every laugh, emotion and memory, Insurance is working silently behind the scenes. Whether it’s that play you’re looking forward to or that thrilling zombie race, it’s Public Liability Insurance that makes sure everything runs smoothly.

What Stories Can We Tell You?

Visualise a Medieval Market, a gigantic tent, and suddenly a gust of wind drags it away, causing damage. But there is no reason to be alarmed, because the organizer’s Insurance comes into action. It not only covers injuries to people, but also damage to property and goods.

Whether for temporary facilities such as markets and fairs, or permanent locations such as nightclubs, cinemas and restaurants, there is a policy designed to measure.

When Reality Surpasses Fiction

Because, as the saying goes: “Nothing ever happens until it happens.” And in those unexpected moments, Insurance is your main scriptwriter, ensuring that the final act is not a tragedy.

Golden Advice: Associations and clubs, remember to protect each event you organize. Otherwise, partners could be compromised with their personal assets.


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