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Crispin, I’m going to the Gym

In 1976 Gary Gilmore robbed and murdered two people in the United States. He was sentenced to death by firing squad. Before he was shot, he said: Let’s do it.

A decade later, Nike still had not taken off as a sports brand. Its advertising agency was inspired by this murderer’s farewell message and recorded a spot with an 80-year-old runner and a tagline at the end that said: Just do it. The motto still remains and some people remember it when they enter the gym.

From January to May, searches on Google related to health, fitness and beauty skyrocket. We want to fulfill our New Year’s resolutions and get styled up for Easter Week “operation bikini.” And we signed up for the gym with that goal in mind but if you injure yourself by bike or with weights, who is responsible?

The correct answer is “it depends on whether the machine had a failure.” Because if it the machine failed, the gym is responsible. When you twisted your ankle because you took a bad step, it was your error.”

In any case, almost all Spanish Autonomous Communities require Civil Liability insurance prior to the business’s opening license being granted. And therefore the Gym’s Civil Liability Insurance will be responsible for damages caused to third parties.

To increase the tranquility and safety of those who have a gym, they also usually contract Multi-Peril Insurance. This includes fire, reconstruction expenses, machinery, water damage… Therefore, bad luck never plays a prominent role in their business.

Have you already signed up for the Gym? What are you waiting for? According to a study by the Current Biology journal, going to the gym regularly enhances memory.