Diary of an Erasmus student

I just landed at the airport and the first thing I feel is loneliness. I had a hard time getting away from the hugs of my favourite people and I know I will miss them. I am alone, with €100 in my pocket and a credit card that I intend to carefully ration.

On the other hand, I trust in my possibilities. I want to get to know new cultures, practice and learn languages and interact with new people. Is it really true that there are parties six days a week? And the crushes, the flirting, the friends forever? Will I go on a trip every weekend?

Am I afraid? Hahaha

Before I left, my father said: Travel with some good books and I’ll buy you good insurance for study abroad. We don’t want any scares!”

It is customary for students to travel abroad during their final years taking advantage of programs such as Erasmus, Leonardo or other exchanges. But an accident, an illness, an injury to a third party, an unforeseen family event when you are away from home can be very expensive.

During your great learning experience abroad…

It is essential to have medical help reaching at least €1 million coverage (including psychological assistance and physiotherapy), transfers and stays for students and companions, repatriation, baggage, civil liability, accidents and COVID-19 coverage. In addition to the above, our STUDENT insurance has specific guarantees such as: emergency dental treatment, rejoining the course due to medical transfer, protection of your computer equipment and devices, optical expenses, costs of sending luggage to your home due to medical transfer or compensation to pay for the course, compensation for missing registration, compensation for missing classes, unforeseen family situation with repatriation and subsequent rejoining the study trip.

You only need to: learn to fend for yourself, make friends forever, learn another language, experience and learn about a different culture, party, travel, complete your academic record, improve your resume, become a European citizen and enjoy the best experience of your life.

We take care of everything else.