Does anyone in your class have a degrading nickname?

“He committed suicide after being harassed on a social network. A 10-year-old girl created a successful Facebook group designed to humiliate a classmate. They recorded and posted a beating of another boy. Laughing at the fat girl in class…” (Testimonials from

Your children go back to school. You have heard about bullying or school harassment. It is psychological, verbal, physical or online abuse over an extended period of time within an educational institution. 1 out of 10 of our children suffers continued torture inflicted by complicit or indifferent partners.

Are you sure you want to post this?

Be observant; something strange is happening when kids are afraid of going to school, their academic performance drops, they sleep or eat poorly, they don’t explain what happens to them or they come home with bruises or scratches.

Instagram has activated an alert to deter stalkers. 42% of people harassed have received threats through this social network. Since this summer, there has been a warning about whether they really want to post an offensive message. “Our mission is to connect you with the people and things you love.”

We must all take precautions in order to detect bullying. If it occurs, talk to the teaching staff. The insurance industry has also been sensitized to this issue and there is already Home Insurance that includes legal assistance for the whole family and more specifically Family Legal Protection Insurance. It also does it through Health Insurance, where the psychology speciality is found. If you don’t have this, ask us. We can help your child.