Don’t take off your costume. There is still a year left to keep dancing.

He can organise a carnival, a race, a concert, a formation, a camp, a bullfight or a wedding for you. Our friend’s name is Raúl and, as you may have guessed, his event season is now starting. It is not an easy job: rent and contract spaces, vehicles, and material, coordinating companies, their services and personnel. The forecast, preparation and programming is a task that takes months of organization.

Freelancers, organizing companies, advertising agencies or institutions that plan events need to carefully measure the risks and damage they can cause. For this reason, Civil Liability Insurance for Events is mandatory. Raúl is well aware how committed he is to this. He organises any activity that is collective and from experience he knows that events occur unexpectedly.

We have all heard news such as that the Malaga city council compensated a family for the death of their son who was run over by a float or that, in Tenerife, the queen of Carnival had her costume burned or recently six people were injured in an avalanche of people to access a party room in Sant Cugat.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a self-employed professional or even an individual, surely on some occasion you have had to organize an event of any kind… an outing, a special commemoration in your home, a neighbourhood community association meeting or neighbourhood party or a presentation of your business.

Who makes compensation?

In the event of any problem, we will respond with our capital if we are an organizing company or our own assets if we are an individual or self-employed.

Let us think that as organisers we will be the final people responsible for what happens from a potential food poisoning to an accident by people participating or who are spectators or even a robbery that occurs in the cloakroom.

The best prevention in all cases is to have comprehensive insurance for all possible contingencies, even the most unlikely ones. In addition, this type of insurance for events is so short-lived that its price is very low and will allow us to enjoy the peace of mind of having everything under control, even if some kind of mishap occurs