Don’t turn off the light, Mariluz

We are not obsessed with it, but last year over 80,000 Spanish houses and companies installed solar panels, with energy equivalent to a nuclear reactor. A client visited our brokerage and asked us if solar panels could be insured.

Definitely! But be careful! When you install them, come and let us know, because the panels may be considered Container in some companies (because they make up the fixed installation), or they may be considered Contained in other companies (because they are part of the furniture and fixtures). This distinction is essential when it comes to insuring your solar panels (and batteries).

In any case, you ALWAYS ALWAYS must notify the company, like any change in the policy. But particularly solar panels are a great financial investment; so having coverage is essential. It is important that the following is included in Home Insurance through the following guarantees:

  • Material damage such as breakage.
  • Electrical damage. For example, problems in the electrical installation.
  • Panel theft.
  • Civil Liability in case you cause damage to others.
  • Civil works, especially when the installation is carried out on the roof or façade.

We do not sell solar panels. However, they give you energy self-sufficiency and with insurance you guarantee your protection from sunrise to sunset. What are you waiting for?