Enough with the fads! Pets are not stuffed toys

“I feel it when you open the door and I run happily to meet you, I hug you, I greet you, I want to know where you have been, what you have done, with whom. I feel comfort because we are together, I do not like to be alone. You take care of me and I adore you, I would give my life to save you.” (I’m Lolo, your little dog).

You love your daughter so much that Santa Claus will give her a pet. You have read that pets improve children’s social skills and empathy and strengthen their self-esteem.

Perhaps you don’t think of a puppy as a toy. It’s a new member of the family and before integrating him into your lives, you should check if the whole family is willing to share the responsibilities of walking it, visiting the vet and training it.

As a matter of fact, after Christmas, pet abandonment skyrockets. What a shame! Every 5 minutes three animals lose their home in Spain.

And as a curiosity, people who live with fish are the happiest, those who live with dogs the funniest, with cats are more dependent and sensitive and those who choose reptiles are the most independent.

Because we love them, we must care for and protect them. They are our responsibility, and hopefully for 15 or 20 years. Pet Insurance can cover their illnesses, accidents, veterinary expenses, surgeries, emergencies and death. Insurance can guarantee their professional care, avoiding financial surprises.

Remember there is also the possibility of adopting animals to give them a quiet place, a family that gives them the time and love they need.