“Every achievement begins with the decision to try”

As we welcome the New Year and its possibilities, we reflect on the three most sought after projects and how insurance can be allies in their realization:

  1. Build a Home: Your space is more than a place; it is your personal refuge. Today, Juani shared with us her excitement at finding an apartment with a purchase option. We break down for her the difference between Non-Payment Insurance and Home Insurance, ensuring that their coverage is complementary and not redundant with that of the Community. In addition, we customize Life Insurance to protect her investment and future, offering more adapted alternatives than standard banking options.
  2. Promote an Active Lifestyle: Sport is vitality. We are managing Winter Sports and Accident Insurance for adventurers like you, guaranteeing medical assistance and worldwide rescue. May the adventurous spirit be free of worries!
  3. Explore the World: Destinations such as Japan, Thailand and New York await. Before embarking on your adventure, our Travel Insurance offers peace of mind with 24-hour assistance, medical coverage and protection against lost luggage. Travel with confidence!

2024 is a canvas for your dreams. Protect what matters most: your partner, children and pets. Trust family Health Insurance to gain peace of mind and dedicate more time to what you love.